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Series description:
International leading products, high-tech products of guangdong province. Days bi all porcelain marble, a stone on all sides, all-ceramic body, solid rock, face if king kong and dust. Days bi all porcelain marble brick breaks traditional technology craft, the wearability of polishing brick and the rich grain that cherish stone material naturally close 2 for one, grain 1:1 of deep level permeate, arrive from inside outside all porcelain does not have glaze, wear well 70 years become reality. Days bi is brick of all-ceramic marble is building materials of furniture of a kind of green environmental protection more, the precious raw material that used to have antibacterial function in ceramic tile, can effectively kill the "coliform bacterium" of ceramic tile surface and "aureus staphylococcus", restrain its growth, give family a sweet, healthy residence environment. Once the products are listed, they are favored by all sectors of the society, selected as the annual excellent products by the industry, and obtained the national technology patent.
TPM8200L Yashihei
The gray-blue tone of noble atmosphere in the white orange lines scattered, showing extraordinary brilliance, not deliberately publicized, that is the natural quality of the years can not be eradicated. It is suitable for all-round decoration of space walls and floors of star hotels, luxury clubs, theme restaurants, exclusive stores, villas and luxury houses.


Paving effect
Application of accessories
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